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Stats jokes

By Steve Draper,   Department of Psychology,   University of Glasgow.

"The plural of anecdotes is not data" Lee Shulman.

"Homeopathic samples" Karon Mcbride.

What is true, is that at the dilutions used in homeopathy, Avogadro's number tells us there is unlikely to be even a single molecule left. However we have to be careful joking about this. Apparently chemists take seriously that solid particles of a certain crystal type, once created in a lab, can appear in labs on other continents and force the same chemical to take that crystal form, even when not wanted. Avogadro's number tells you this is quite possible. Every breath you take probably contains one molecule that was exhaled by Julius Cesar: not just in his lifetime as a whole, but in the single, very last breath he took as he died.

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