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My CCSE festival talk, 29 March 2022 "Ten lessons for CER"

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This is the entrance lobby (or home page) for Steve Draper's web pages. It offers ways to find things in my pages, after helping you check if you have the right person or place.    
My University staff page     ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9564-9317

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Passport photo
Old pic.; younger me
Passport photo
Old me; younger pic.
Passport photo

Alternative picture at a serious workshop
Studying interaction
Interactive learning (about dinner) at a Hong Kong workshop
Why people live around Glasgow: 1   2
At Loughborough with important researchers

Passport photo My own office is tidy, dammit, but then I'm not such an important thinker.
Passport photo Passport photo A great thinker, Anna Sfard

Stephen W. Draper,
School of Psychology,
University of Glasgow
in Scotland (part of the U.K. and Europe).

[More contact details, including directions to my office.]

Psychology with a lisp?: phycology
The Institute of Unnecessary Research
Unnecessary Research Institutes

Beyond mere clarity: automatic postmodernism

Blog: "Tomorrow's professors"

Blog: learning and (US) community colleges

Moaning Lisa
I love students (honest), but some of them require more effort than others ...
Wilde joke

If you don't fancy my advice, and don't want to self-diagnose as a tripolar serenoid paraphrenic, then try this universal psychiatric helpline: listen
Similar: listen

Exam threat to grandmothers
Flipping the classroom
The brain science of zombies

Some jokes or sayings about learning and teaching.
Not educational: a bareskin.
"Where facebook acts as a conversation, Twitter is like a narcissist with a megaphone."
quotes   Failure   Anxiety management

Test artificial laughter

Learning and Teaching Innovations you should consider adopting right now
EVS (Electronic Voting Systems) / PRS / "clickers": gadgets in lecture theatres. PAL (Peer Assisted Learning) PAL at GU

Peer mentoring 1 2

Third subject project

Assessment by pairwise ranking (a.k.a. "ACJ")
Assessment and Feedback

REAP Project website
Assessment principles
Hanscomb's virtues

The most vigorous intellectual work on education here, (since Alex Johnstone left and his centre died) is the CCSE (Centre for Computing Science Education) led by Quintin Cutts.

I have a set of pages about its reading group, and the issues we discuss there.

Educational Podcasting, and then so much more. Joe Maguire

Nick Bowskill Student retention and dropout
Student generated PDP   PDP
Graduate Attributes

Relationships between themes (maps)

Research-teaching linkages (a Quality Enhancement Theme)
Our main pages
My personal pages

Positive psychology
My psychology option course on this
ASMR which basically is about the peculiar comfort of watching some vacuous videos and the soothing response this produces in many people.
"mHealth": The intersection of PosPsy, mobile technology, health interventions. A new R&D area, being born, but currently still academically homeless.

Matt Barr He has shown that playing certain video games increases students' scores on some graduate attributes. MBarr

Index of most of the things I've written including a burst of papers

Index to ’most all of my pages on local educational innovations / issues

L&T Innovations (7) to adopt now

Find out what the granny cloud team is.

Peer interaction and teaching computing Beth Simon
The Jigsaw classroom technique for getting students to teach each other. Sarah Honeychurch
The Advancing Academic Writing project. Katie Grant
The friends I've most relied on in developing ideas in the area of educational innovation.
 This needs Java

This Steve Draper is an academic in the Psychology School at the University of Glasgow, in Scotland. I have done research on HCI (Human Computer Interaction), IR (Information Retrieval), on using technology in learning and teaching and how to evaluate that; but now focus almost entirely on theory and practice of learning and teaching in HE. My teaching is mainly on education issues in HE, and on positive psychology. I have lived in a London suburb (where I grew up), Brighton, San Diego, and Glasgow, with brief periods in rural South Africa (near Eshowe) and New Haven, Connecticut.

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My web pages

I've got extensive web pages, with most things I've written since 1999. Currently the biggest areas are probably:
  • (Other) things I've written, most recent first
  • Educational lit. references
  • Re-engineering assessment practices A grant.
  • EVS (Electronic Voting Systems) / PRS / "clickers": gadgets in lecture theatres.
  • Educational Podcasting
  • PAL (Peer Assisted Learning)
  • Dropout Student retention and dropout
  • Research-teaching linkages

  • mmmHealth

    Other ways to access my web pages

    Most of what I've done is on my web pages in one way or another, so a quick google may get you there.
  • Full text search:

    However when I'm using that method to re-find something it is surprising what keywords I would now use do not find the page I'm thinking of. Almost everything substantial that I've written is there, mixing publications and unpublished things. A lot of the latter was aimed not at journals but at potential adopters of educational ideas and methods i.e. dissemination.

  • A reverse chronological list of education related documents
  • Most documents, subdivided under headings

    Quite a bit of my teaching may be there, but in latter years these were hidden in learning environments so its patchy and not well indexed.

  • Nearly all my talks from October 1997 are on the web represented by title, abstract, slides; and listed in reverse chronological order: Talks.